Hi my name is Leon
I am a web professional
living in Sydney Australia


With over 15 years experience in the industry I now run my own business focused on creating interactive digital content, such as boutique websites and web based applications. Coming from a design background I call myself a 'Web Professional' these days as I offer a wide variety of services ranging from creative through to development. If I'm not building a website for a client I will usually be in a digital agency doing their gig.

Lets Go!

Please contact me if you're after some design work, a complete web solution, 3D modelling or if you'd just like to chat! All my details are listed below in the footer... or email me now>


After completing my Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design in 1995 at Billy Blue, my first job was as an Art Director of a magazine. I was also in charge of designing and updating their website so I began learning how to code and create awesome animated GIFs. 3 years later I moved on to a small interactive agency, 'Walmac', where they predominately focused on flash. I was immediately drawn to flash due to its vector ability, as well as having a lot more 'design' control. 'Walmac' was acquired by EURO RSCG during the internet boom around 1999 and I remained there until I went to London in 2002.

In London I landed a job at MTV UK as the flash guy where along with the design team we were responsible for in-house design and development of new things. After 3 years I left MTV and continued to freelance to other digital agencies such as LBI/Wheel, Archibal Ingal Stretton and Wunderman Interactive. I returned to Australia in late 2007.

Off a computer

I spend a lot of time cooking, as I like proper food and I seem to be dissatisfied with most takeaways. The gym helps me maintain a routine, as well as keeping me in check. I will always ride a bike if I need to commute, and miss all the mountain biking I did in the UK. One of my main focuses in life at the moment is my son Ty, born in June 2011, he is such a happy lil camper... bless.

What if

If I existed in a parallel universe or something I would like to think I am a search and rescue pilot in north Alaska, or a mad architect living in Norway with a healthy appetite for base jumping.